Cristos Gianakos – Beamwalk

Beam Walk, 1996
Iron, 140 x 1000 x 300 cm

”Beam Walk” is part of an on-going series titled ”Rampworks.” In this particular sculpture, the emphasis is on the horizontal 10m beam, with minor focus on the ramp leading up to it.  This site-specific piece is also an interactive work–one can climb the ramp and walk the beam.

Born in 1934. Lives and works in New York. Educated at  The School of Visual Arts, New York, where he also has been teaching for more than 30 years. Several national and international exhibitions including Galleri Stefan Andersson, Umeå 1998 & 2003, Stark Gallery, New York, 2002, Sarah Noody  Gallery of Art, Alabama, 2005, Stefan Stuz Gallery, New York, 2005, Stefan Stux Gallery, NY 2005, Galleri Andersson Sandström, Stockholm 2009. Installation for Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe 1997. Represented at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, National Museum and Moderna Museet in Stockholm amongst others.