Torgny Nilsson

Dysfunctional Outdoor Gym, 2004
Wood, metal, rope, 4,5 m

Most of those who grew up in Sweden after the 1950’s have at some point come upon and outdoor gym, usually somewhere in the woods along the communal illuminated track. The local athletic team on their training round, who use the outdoor gym after a jogging round among the pine trees, represent the thought of a healthy soul and a healthy body and a collective team spirit – a contrast to the individualist with a body fixation who vainly looks at himself in the mirror at an “indoor gym” with  loud mainstream music. Part of the thought behind the communal outdoor gym with free training for everyone was public health. In sync with more and more people being overweight and living an unhealthy life, the dysfunctional outdoor gym can be seen as a symbol for the decay of the Swedish welfare state. It seems to work, one has to try it to realize that it does not.

Born in Ljungby, Sweden 1971. Lives and works in Nödinge, Sweden. Education: 1998-2003 College of fine art, Umeå. 1995-1996. Exhibitions in selection: Moderna museet, Stockholm 2004, Konstakademien, Stockholm 2003, Bildmuseet, Umeå 2003, Galleri 60, Umeå 2003.