Carina Gunnars

Untitled, 1994
Eight galvanized bathtubs

For something nameless, unmentionable or a history of silence, a silenced story. 1994 I was still a student at the Academy of Fine arts in Umeå. I thought the history of the place was interesting. Sweden’s largest mental hospital had previously been situated here. Not much research was needed to come to the conclusion that so called long baths was a form of treatment that was used at Umedalen hospital. I was amazed over how fast we forget. This is why I wanted to do something to remember these people who have been exposed to different types of more or less scientific experiments at this beautiful place.

Born in Gävle 1956. Lives and works in Stockholm. Education; College of Fine Arts, Umeå. Exhibitions in selection; Galleri Ynglingagatan 1, Stockholm 1996, Färgfabriken, Stockholm 1996, Galleri Index Lounge, Stockholm 1997, Bohusläns Konsthall, Uddevalla 1998, Enkehuset, Stockholm 2000, BB – Galleri Lars Bohman, Stockholm 2002.