Anne-Karin Furunes

Utan titel, 2002
Stainless steel, 260 x 224 cm

The concrete aspect that, on closer inspection, dissolves, becomes abstract and then disappears. Through empty holes in stainless steel, the image of an anonymous portrait is developed through the viewers position to and perception of the work. For me this is an image of life’s most fundamental rituals: meetings with people and meetings with situations.  The work made of stainless steel is placed outside IKSU Spa.  This anonymous portrait is the welcome and goodbye.

Born 1961 in Norway. Lives and works in Trondheim. Education: The Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen, The National Academy of Fine Art, Oslo. Selected exhibitions: Galleri K, Oslo 1996, Trondheim Art Museum 2000, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo 2000, Galleri Stefan Andersson 2002. Art Basel, Miami, 2002, Heine Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, 2004, Beijing Biennale, 2005. Professor at the Art Academy of Fine Art in Trondheim, Galleri Andersson Sandström, Stockholm 2009. Selected group exhibitions: Preus Fotomuseum, Horten, Norway 2007, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland 2008.