From the opening in 1994 onwards, 190 eminent Swedish and international artists have exhibited their works in Umedalsparken. For 20 years  Fort Knox – the owner of the park – has financed the art project ”Umedalen Skulptur”, curated by Galleri Andersson/Sandström. Through the years Fort Knox has purchased 43 sculptures forming today an  impressive permanent collection. Umedalsparken is one of the county’s major tourist attractions with more than 20 000 visitors each year and has received considerable attention and numerous awards. These include Swedish journals prize for Best Art Event in Sweden 2000, English Arts and Business Awards 2004, Council of Urban Planning price in 2005 for the best example of Art and Design in the public domain and Umeå Region Tourism Price 2007.

Visiting Umedalens Skulpturpark is completely free and the park is open around the clock all year round.