Winter & Hörbelt

Kastenhaus 1166.14, 2000
Metal, wood and PVC

At the end of the day the crate of mineral water is something like a 20th century amphora. And having moved on from traditional materials, the classical materials of scultpure, then in our view the sculptural crate of water lends itself and is easily good enough as material…There are so many prefabricated things around us. Sometimes really stupid things. Whatever: It is less essential that we possess things but more what we are doing with them. Sometimes it can be good to look at a beautyful thing – and sometimes it´s better to do something with it. Our intention is to offer both possibilities for us and for other people…

W: born in Offenbach, Germany 1960. H: born in Coesfeld, Germany 1958. Education: Hochschule bildender Künste, Kassel. Lives and works in Münster and Frankfurt. Work together since 1992. Several national and international exhibitions, notably; Skulptur projekte Münster 1997, Kunstakademie Hanoi, Vietnam 1999, Venice Biennal 1999. Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, 2000, Rice University Gallery, Houston, 2000, South Bank Museum, Frankfurt 2001, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2004,Sculpture Project, Nordland, Norway 2005, Galeria SCQ, Santiago de Compostela, Spain 2009.