Buky Schwartz

Forest Hill, 1997
Plastic pipes, concrete, 200 x 1740 x 1740 cm

Forest Hill is the tip of an imaginary sphere centered some sixteen meters below ground level. Spectators enter and interact with the sculptural space themselves, and they also become a dynamic part of the sculpture for those viewing it from a distance. From the outside Forest Hill looks like a solid geometric form reminiscent of the early pyramids of Egypt. As the spectator approaches, the solid form is transformed into a forest of vertical poles inviting the spectator to enter. As he enters and walks towards the center he gradually disappears into the forest, becoming invisible to those viewing it from the outside. There is in this work an element of a labyrinth, reminiscent of my earlier video installation entitled Six Angles of Coordination for Monitoring the Labyrinthian Space.
– Buky Schwartz.

1932-2009. Lived and worked in Tel Aviv and New York. Worked with sculptures and video installations. Several exhibitions notably; Le Biennale di Venezia 1966, Documenta VIII 1987. Represented at The Whitney Museum New York, Hara Museum Tokyo, Khael Museum